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Massage Therapy

Shelley Jaynes-Lamay

Massage Therapist

Certification # 452





100 Enterprise Way Suite G100

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

A Bit About Me

During the last 25 years, I have helped several hundred client's experience deeper relaxation, reduction in pain, and recovery from overuse. My approach emphasizes active listening, releasing holding patterns, and improving breathing, by tailoring each session to your individual needs. This ensures a personalized, transformative experience. My formal massage training includes Integrating Shiatsu, Pressure Point Relief, Sports Injury Massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Spa treatments,  Swedish, and other specialty areas.  I have been certified by highly regarded pioneers & instructors in Hawaii, Alaska, and California and have served athletic, collegiate, military, corporate, private, and special needs clients.

Certifications & Education 

Certified Integrating Shiatsu 99’

California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) Certified #452 09’

Board Certified Massage Therapist 12’-21’

De Anza College A.A. Degree in Massage Therapy 12’

Oregon Board of Massage Therapist (OBMT)  Certified #22345 16’


Swedish Massage

Integrating Shiatsu 

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi

Pressure Point Massage

Pre/Post-Natal Pregnancy Massage

Sports Massage

Myofascial Release

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching

On-site Chair Massage

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